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Don't let dry eyes or itchy eyes stop your family enjoying it!

Love it or hate it, it is an inimitable part of our landscape at this time of the year! As soon as the lorries start arriving, I’m taken straight back to childhood memories. Having been brought up very close by I recall clearly all the sounds, the volume of which varied at home so much according to the direction of the wind and the unique fusion of smells – fried onions and burgers combined with the sweet smell of candy floss. But then there was the itchy eyes, sore scratchy throat and congested sinus; nothing quite did it for my hayfever like The Hoppings! Fortunately, I have in recent years found much better hayfever treatment.

If you’re having any difficulty with dry or itchy eyes do make an appointment for our dry eye clinic. Our opticians have many years of experience helping people get dry eye symptoms under control.

Whether we are the closest opticians to you in Newcastle or a little further away, our dry eye clinic could be the answer you have been looking for.

Most people we help with dry eye at our specialist opticians' dry eye are clinic are struggling with:

Discomfort, whether in the form of burning, stinging, itchiness or grittiness.

Foreign Body Sensation- feeling that you have something in your eye or a sandy gritty feeling.

Red Eyes- bloodshot eyes could be due to dry eye syndrome but also may be a sign of something more serious, so always have red eye checked out, both when it occurs on its own and when you have other symptoms too.

Tired Eyes- tired eyes are common and we will be able to help. Sometimes the tiredness is constant, for others it is worse when doing something visually demanding such as driving, watching TV or working on the computer.

Sensitive eyes- sensitive eyes are easily irritated or watery in cold, windy weather. They may also be sensitive to light, or to make-up, or you may find air conditioning or smoky environments uncomfortable.

Watery eyes- as well as being annoying watery eyes can be sore and uncomfortable.  We can help manage your watery eyes.

Thanks to Stephen Tait for the Hoppings photo.

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